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Current Weather

LGTS | Thessaloniki Airport "Macedonia"

Thessaloniki, Greece

Last Update 23 Minutes Ago

Sky with Few Clouds

Temperature of 29 ºC

Light to Moderate Winds from NorthWest


29 ºC

Dew Point Temperature

13 ºC

Relative Humidity

37.59 %

Wind Direction

NorthWest (320º, Without Significant Variations)

Wind Velocity

9 km/h (05 kt)




Greater than 10 Kilometers

Sea Level Pressure

1016 hPa (Hectopascals)

Layers of Clouds

5% to 30% of Sky Covered from 762 mts (2500 ft) Above Ground Level.

METAR LGTS 211320Z 32005KT 9999 FEW025 29/13 Q1016 NOSIG

Weather Forecast

LGTS | Thessaloniki Airport "Macedonia"

Thessaloniki, Greece

Forecast valid for the next 22 Hours

From now on it is expected:

Moderate Winds from South

In 2 to 4 hours it is expected the begining of:

Partly Cloudy Sky

In 5 hours it is expected the begining of 15 hours with intermittent periods of:


In 6 hours it is expected the begining of 10 hours with intermittent periods of:

Thunderstorm with Rain

Maximum Temperature

No Data

Minimum Temperature

No Data

TAF LGTS 211100Z 2112/2212 33008KT 9999 FEW030 BECMG 2112/2114 16012KT BECMG 2116/2118 SCT025 TEMPO 2119/2210 6000 RA BKN025 PROB40 TEMPO 2120/2206 4000 TSRA FEW018CB BKN020