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Current Weather

LGTS | Thessaloniki Airport "Macedonia"

Thessaloniki, Greece

Last Update 6 Minutes Ago

Partly Cloudy Sky

Temperature of 31 ºC

Moderate Winds from NorthWest


31 ºC

Dew Point Temperature

17 ºC

Relative Humidity

43.32 %

Wind Direction

NorthWest (300º, Without Significant Variations)

Wind Velocity

22 km/h (12 kt)




Greater than 10 Kilometers

Sea Level Pressure

1010 hPa (Hectopascals)

Layers of Clouds

5% to 30% of Sky Covered with Towering Cumulus from 610 mts (2000 ft) Above Ground Level.

30% to 60% of Sky Covered from 762 mts (2500 ft) Above Ground Level.

METAR LGTS 191150Z 30012KT 9999 FEW020TCU SCT025 31/17 Q1010 TEMPO 6000 SHRA

Weather Forecast

LGTS | Thessaloniki Airport "Macedonia"

Thessaloniki, Greece

Forecast valid for the next 24 Hours

In the next 2 hours it is expected the begining of:

Light Winds from Variable Directions

From now on it is expected 5 hours with intermittent periods of:

Thunderstorm with Rain

In 5 to 7 hours it is expected the begining of:

Sky with Few Clouds

In 22 to 24 hours it is expected the begining of:

Moderate Winds from South

Maximum Temperature

No Data

Minimum Temperature

No Data

TAF LGTS 191100Z 1912/2012 33015KT 9999 SCT025 BECMG 1912/1914 VRB03KT TEMPO 1912/1919 6000 SHRA FEW020TCU SCT025 PROB40 TEMPO 1912/1917 4000 TSRA FEW015CB SCT020 BECMG 1917/1919 FEW025 BECMG 2010/2012 16012KT