Privacy Policies


AirportMet includes third party ads that may write or read the user's cookies to provide ads based on the sites he/she visits. Going to, the user can disable the use of the DoubleClick cookie that allows interest-based ads.

Site Usage and User Experience

Every time a user access the site, AirportMet can read cookies from the user's device to know the last airports selected by him/her and be able to improve the experience while navigating the site. Under the same purpose, when the user selects an airport to see it's weather information, AiportMet will create or modify user's cookies to register the ID of that airport on their device.

What are cookies? Cookies are data sent by a web site so the user's browser can store it and then the site can access to it. They are used to improve the experience of users when navigating a web site and, in some cases, to allow the correct operation of certain functions of a web site. Cookies are harmless and very tiny. After certain time whithout use, they are automatically deleted by browsers.